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Glen Garry Pharmacy Site!

Established in 1977 the original owner and managing pharmacist Sam Frosh is still running the pharmacy now. Some early residents of the Glen Garry estate in Duncraig will remember that the pharmacy and its attached medical centre was the first commercial building opened in the Glen Garry area, before the Hospital and Shopping Centre, that were opened a little later.

In addition directly across the other side of Arnisdale Road there are three further buildings that are Specialist Medical Centres. Many of these patients also utilise the convenience of Glen Garry Pharmacy for their prescription requirements.

We service customers of the Glen Garry Shopping Centre as there is no pharmacy in that centre. Furthermore we fill prescriptions for many day surgery patients who are admitted to Glen Garry Private Hospital. This can save many hours of time for patients that are ready to leave for home.

Glen Garry Pharmacy Site Glen Garry Pharmacy Site
Glen Garry Pharmacy Site


Professional Services

We provide professional services to all our customers.


Health advice

Webster Packing

Filing of repeat forms

Glen Garry Pharmacy Site


We dispense all medicines covered by Medicare Australia as well as medicines that are not on the subsidised PBS list. For prescriptions not covered we assist with rebates available from your private health fund if applicable. For HBF members rebates are available at the time of dispensing.

For unusual medications or prescriptions with large quantities, stock can be sourced by the following morning if the pharmacy does not have the item/quantity on hand. Free delivery is available for most local areas if we need to obtain the medication the following day.

Health advice

A caring and experienced pharmacist is always available if you would like to discuss your medications. In addition a variety of consumer medicine information or in-depth technical articles are available free of charge in printed form.

Our pharmacy service includes professional advice and counselling to you about your medicines including:

Directions for safe and effective use of your medicine

The expected outcome of the therapy.

What the likely side effects might be, and what to do if

you experience side effects.

How your medicine should be stored

How to safely dispose of any unused medicines.

Webster Packing

The Webster-Pack can free many people from the daily worry of getting their medication right. This allows for greater independence and quality of life, both for the patient and their relatives or carers.

Webster-Pack is a safe, simple and inexpensive medication

pack. It sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week.

This makes it easy and safe to manage medication correctly.

Filing of repeat forms

We offer complimentary filing of prescription and repeat script forms to our valuable customers. When you leave your paper repeats or original scripts we will keep them secure in the pharmacy.

Just give us a call when you need it, and we can have the medications ready, for when you call in, reducing your waiting time, and this also removes the hassle of lost scripts.

Glen Garry Pharmacy Site


Glen Garry Pharmacy Site

Special Orders

Have you seen a product on TV or in a magazine, or you want a product we don't have in stock.

Not a problem! Here at Glen Garry Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on finding those products that you can't find in most other pharmacies. As long as you provide the name, we can find it for you. If we can't order it in, we will research other ways for you to purchase it.

Hire or purchase of Home Care aids.

We stock a range of crutches, rollators, nebulisers, vaporisers etc.

These items are available for hire or purchase, as well as the purchase of the full range of : MAKING LIFE EASY products such as bathroom, walking aids, wheelchairs and special chairs and cushions.

Glen Garry Pharmacy Site

Other products and services

We carry meal replacement products for dieting and weight loss; Optifast VLCD.

For patients convalescing after surgery or illness: Ensure or Sustagen Hospital formula.

Glen Garry Pharmacy Site


Glen Garry Pharmacy

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